Daniel Alexander Moret

Consultant & Developer


I feel lucky to have found my passion as a consultant and developer. Creating engaging and meaningful experiences for people and brands is what I love to do. With 18 years of experience in professional web development, marketing firms, and start-ups I now can share everything I have learned with you.

My Story

It feels great to finally launch my own business! I now have the opportunity to share
the collective knowledge I’ve gained, from working for start-ups to corporate companies, here with you.

My journey started when I was in my freshman year of high school, I was 14 years old and an avid gamer. I was really into this game “Unreal Tournament” at the time. One day while playing it with my friend Kevin, we came up with the idea to create our own website for our clan in the game. Kevin already had some background in building sites using flash and I quickly absorbed everything he knew, only leaving me curious about more. This is what sparked my interest in web development and sent me down the path towards becoming a self-taught web developer and SEO specialist.

After the launch of our first website, I decided to start learning more about development by making websites for my friends and family small businesses. I quickly became addicted to the WOW factor I would receive from everyone when showing them completed projects. At school, my computer teacher Mr. Marshall took notice of my hard work. He offered me my first job working as a web developer / graphic designer for the largest metal detector industry in the world, Kellyco Metal Detectors. Where I implemented marketing strategies and designed content, which increased their annual revenue from 10k to over 1 million.

After Kellyco, I landed a 1-year contract to work for Darden Restaurants as a web developer. While I was there, I contributed to the development of the online gift system, mobile websites for all brands, and the new Darden website. In addition, I updated and maintained websites weekly. When my contract with Darden ended, I decided to go back to Kellyco for another 2 years before being hired by a start-up marketing firm called The Aqualine Group which we  rebranded to Rubix Agency.

Rubix Agency was in dire need of help and direction. I was initially brought on as just another web developer but quickly became the lead developer after implementing a structured, yet creative process, that allowed us to manage our clients and projects with ease from start to finish. Unfortunately, the company ended up having to sell. Quickly realizing there was nothing more I could do to help and that there was no future there for me, I continued on to another start-up in order to thrive.

From there, I started my search for a new start-up to grow with. While searching, I ran into a simple craigslist ad posted by Jesse & PJ Leimgruber, who now are the proud owners of three successful start-ups: Rage Hats, Rank Executives, and NeoReach. When I arrived to work with them, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Milos Bejda. We developed and maintained multiple WordPress websites for clients and the companies own ventures such as RankExecutives.com, an SEO marketing firm and RageHats.com, a party hat retail website. Along with these responsibilities, we took on the task of creating the very first targeted marketing platform built using node.js technology, which is now NeoReach.

At the start of 2017, life opened up many doors for me and I knew it was time to finally start my own online marketing firm. I realized that with my knowledge and skills, I am a valuable asset. I can now share my talent and passion with my very own clients, and could not be happier!

Technology growth is exponential. I have to keep up with the constant changes, or else I will fall behind. With this in mind, I stay up to date by reading up on tech blogs, attending local tech events, and collaborating with other developers. Constantly developing not only websites but my career in the process.


Proficient: Node JS | Next JS | Locomotive JS | Express JS | JavaScript | TypeScript | React | Vue | Inertia | CRA | jQuery | Laravel | PHP | Zend | CodeIgnitor | Phalcon | GraphQL | NoSQL | MySQL | MongoDB | Tailwind CSS | Material UI | Bootstrap | React Testing Library | Cypress E2E Testing | PHP Unit | Pest | Unit Testing | Github | Bitbucket | Agile | Scrum | Kanban | CI/CD | Heroku | BigCommerce WordPress | Shopify | Stripe API | Google API | Google Optimize | Split A/B Testing | SEO | Full-Stack | English | Spanish

Exposure: Angular JS | Classic ASP | Java | Visual Basic | Lasso | FileMaker | React Native | jQuery Mobile | AWS Instances | Symphony | Laravel | Salesforce | Magento | Joomla | Drupal | Cordova | Cypress | Storybook | jQplot High Charts

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